5 Ways to Prepare for Your Driving Test

Taking your practical driving test can be quite a big deal, and some people cope with it differently to others. For example, some get very nervous which can actually impact their test result, and others handle the pressure really well and don’t let it affect them. It’s completely natural to get nervous, but the important thing is to be prepared. As long as you are ready and have done everything you can to prepare for your test, you should be perfectly fine.

We wanted to give you a few tips on the best ways to prepare for your driving test!


It’s just like a driving lesson, right?

All in all, the contents of your driving test doesn’t differ all that much to the type of things you would do in a lesson with your instructor. The guidelines of a driving test are pretty similar to that of a standard lesson, as you are basically just following the instructions given by the examiner. Of course, the added pressure of the situation is different, but you shouldn’t let that have a negative impact on your ability to drive. Your instructor will only let you book in for a test when they feel that you are ready and at a stage where you can handle whatever is thrown at you. So, even if you get last minute doubts and worries, the fact of the matter is that you are ready to take your test!


Get as much practice as possible

As we’ve just mentioned, you won’t be put in for a driving test unless your instructor is confident that you are performing to the best standard in your lessons. However, there is always room for improvement. One way to get some extra practice is to get put onto a parents’ car insurance, so that you can go out with them and do some extra driving outside of lessons. This also gives more of a chance to focus on any certain areas you feel you need to work on a little more. Getting as much practice as you can will also boost your confident and make you feel more prepared for your test.


Don’t panic!

There’s no denying that driving tests can be quite a stressful scenario, and this will affect you more depending on how you handle your nerves. The important thing is to stay calm and try to keep your nerves under control, as this will often make you perform better. If you’re in the test and feel that something hasn’t gone quite right, don’t let that knock your confidence. For all you know, you may not have done anything wrong, and so letting that impact the rest of your test can result in a negative outcome.


Know your test routes

Every driving test is different. From the maneuvers you are asked to do, to the route you are taken on. Think about all the different areas local to the test centre that you could be taken on. Are you confident that you would be able to drive comfortably in all of them? Your instructor will have already taken you to all of the possible areas that may come up on your test, however if you feel you are weaker in some places than others, flag this up to your instructor, so that you can do a bit more practice in those places.


Know your highway code

Although you may think this isn’t too important after your theory test, it really is! You need to be familiar with the legal requirements of driving to ensure that you are performing in line with these and not presenting any dangers to yourself or other drivers. When you’re new to driving, you are constantly faced with new and daunting situations, and knowing the highway code will make it easier for you in knowing how to act in these situations.


If you have any questions about taking your driving test or would like to book some lessons with us, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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