I learned how to drive with Graham and passed first time something I thought I would never do! He is a great instructor not only very good at his job but he’s a lovely friendly person too. Would definitely recommend the farm I choose them because of the great reviews and certainly didn’t disappoint so thank you!

Katie Whittaker

From having lessons with Graham, I have not only learned how to drive but have learned to drive responsibly. Graham is the ultimate driving instructor; each lesson was a valuable learning curve. He is a friendly and funny person and makes you feel at ease, with gaining confidence each step of the way. I couldn’t off asked for a better driving instructor/friend. I cannot thank him enough. I would highly recommend The Farm School of Motoring.

Nicol Jugin

Excellent driving instructor Made me feel so at easy would highly recommend the farm

Rebecca Soens

anyone who wants to learn to drive go with THE FARM absolutely fantastic highly recommend

Vikki Sweeney

fantastic instructor mark always feel so comfortable and confident with him great from start to finish.

Jenna Bigs Rigby

I passed my test with mark, as did my husband, highly recommended, so patient and lovely, my son is starting his in January, thank you mark *****

Arron Marie Jones

Thankyou so much Graham an outstanding instructor you believed in me from the start, you teach with full passion I cannot thankyou enough for all you have done in just months, you got me through today!! All the nerves, doubt and worry you made me believe in myself... Thankyou for your dedication to me

Tilly Millington

Can’t thank graham enough for helping me pass my test would highly recommend thank you so much

Sophie Clamp'xox

Couldn’t recommend Graham more for his patience and getting me through all of it, couldn’t of passed without him.

Danielle Brooks

Passed first time with 4 minors thanks Graham! Couldn’t recommend u more !

Bobbi Richardson

Great driving school passed with 3 minors thanks to David Neil

Joshua Smith

Today I passed my driving test and I can honestly say that Graham is the best driving instructor and is very patient.

Nathan Steadman

Mark was a fantastic driving instructor, Gave me all the help I needed to pass first time. Thank you so much

Charlie Mcateer

i passed my test years ago with Graham cain awesome

Sue Kelly

I would definitely recommend Graham at The Farm, he was an excellent instructor who kept me at ease and filled me with confidence. I feel that I am now a confident driver having passed my test; and I would highly recommend The Farm - I really enjoyed my lessons and learnt all the skills that I needed to pass my test. Thank you

Luke Sutton

Graham deserves a knighthood for being the most patient driving instructor ever. As someone who was nervous to start to learn Graham has the ability to instil faith and belief in yourself. Lessons with Graham were always a learning curve even without me realising sometimes! Graham is actually amazing at his job and is a thoroughly amazing person :) Without a doubt without lessons from Graham my lessons would have took longer and I doubt I'd have passed my test with only 6 minors ;) would recommend Graham @ the farm to everyone xxx thank you so much xxx

Emma Ramsden

I am a 57 year old very nervous driver. I've just been for my first lesson and have never felt so confident and comfortable with an instructor as I did today! Definitely recommended by me.

Heather Jones

I would definitely reccomend Graham if you are a nervous driver .. I put off doing lessons for years and picked up the courage to book some lessons with The Farm . From my first lesson with Graham he has helped me gain confidence with driving and the lessons was really enjoyable and felt easy to pick up the skills needed to pass my driving test! :-D

Rachael Hampson

From the first time I met Graham I felt very relaxed and calm. I became more confident after every lesson. Graham is a lovely guy who is willing to answer any questions and is very patient. Can't thank him enough! Highly recommended.

Rebeca Sheridan

I have really enjoyed every lesson with "The Farm" and my instructor Graham Cain, he made everything seem easy and he was very relaxed and put me at ease. I owe him a lot and I want to say "thank you" to The Farm and especially Graham. I highly recommend this wonderful company. You will pass. Thank you Graham

Gavin Marnic

I have recently passed my driving test with The Farm! Graham was an excellent driving instructor who went through every aspect of driving thoroughly and was always reliable and willing to give me any help that I needed. I am now driving myself around and he has made me a confident driver. I can't thank him enough.

Victoria Wignall

For anybody wanting to learn to drive, I would highly recommend Graham Cain from The Farm School of Motoring. Graham taught me to drive and is a really nice guy. He's very patient and makes you feel comfortable and at ease within yourself. Graham helps build your confidence if your nervous about learning to drive. He knows how to have a laugh and joke but also knows how to be serious. I was a bag of nerves on my first lesson, after half an hour of Graham explaining how the car operates, I was in the drivers seat driving! I have never looked back since. So it's a big thanks to a great guy, Graham Cain

Amanda Holme

Graham is the most patient driving instructor you will ever come across.I started my lessons at the tender age of 17, I am now almost 40 and still the best woman driver ever!!! Thanks to Graham

Melanie "Randle" Banks

I felt really relaxed driving with Graham even though I was terrified to start. He helped to improve my confidence and I felt that I picked up all the skills really fast due to his great teaching. I never thought I would pass my test first time, but I couldn't have done it without Graham. I already have and will continue to recommend him to everyone looking for a really good driving instructor.

Rebecca Kelly

I really enjoyed my lessons. They were informal, friendly but incredibly helpful. I don't think I could have passed without their level of help. I strongly recommend The Farm.

Liam Hall


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Call us for more information 0151 420 2688 | 0797 387 7735



Remember, Your Pass Is Our Satisfaction.

Remember, Your Pass Is Our Satisfaction.